Knife Fighting Techniques – Top 5 Things You Must Know Before Defending an Opponent

Knife Fighting Techniques

A knife is important equipment in our life, which is required everywhere from the kitchen to adventurous journeys or tracking. People have been using it for eating, hunting, and cutting, but have you ever thought about any other use of these knives in our life? This blog will enlighten you about the best Knife Fighting Techniques that you can use to save you and many others. 

Life is so unpredictable, nobody can predict what might happen next and due to the rivalry nature of the people, there are possibilities that some bad boys might cross your way while back-to-home. You either have the guts to protect yourself or patience to let the goons rob your hard-working money or harm you in any other way. Many people pretend to be safe by buying an apartment in a posh area where the watchmen strictly follow safety regulations. Well, nobody is fool enough to harm you at your home. You are prone to meet an accident or any mishappening while on the road and learning a few self-defense techniques can save your life in such a scenario.

If you want to learn some self-defense techniques to prevent such situations and protect yourself from bad boys then Knife Fighting Martial Arts is a great option. This is probably one of the deadliest self-defense techniques that have been widely used by all the trained military personnel and cops. Nobody would even dare to block your way after seeing your mastery in Blade Fighting Techniques.

How to be a master in Knife Fighting Martial Art?

Just follow these tips and you will find yourself in a new world where a new kind of energy will feel injected through your veins. 

1- Learn From the Masters

There are various types of fighting styles, therefore, you better know what you want to learn. Every martial art player holds mastery in a particular style and every country owns a unique form of martial art. Here are a few types of fighting styles-

  • Filipino Knife Fighting
  • Kali Eskrima
  • MCMAP Knief Fighting
  • Paranza Corta
  • Pencak Silat
  • Tantojutsu

These are the most renowned martial art styles, representing different countries and their art. All these fighting styles are included with knife fighting, hence one cannot be expert in all these techniques without holding a knife.

2- Selection of Knives

This process might jump over your head because there are several types of knives, available in the market which causes tough competition. You should take someone’s help while picking up a knife for self-protection. There are several things to be done while buying a combat knife including blade size, Finger fitting, Auto-lock, spring open and so on. 

3- Difference between the baton and knife fighting

Baton fighting is probably the most popular, unarmed fighting techniques in which different types of baton can be used. You can choose the best fit of batons at your ease but before this, you better understand the rules and regulations of baton and knife fighting.

People often use fixed-length straight batons, blackjacks, Side-handle batons and collapsible batons. You can choose from a wide range, according to state law and regulations.

4- Well balanced attacking and defending

Baton fight is cool, but knife fighting is entirely different from this and requires a maintained balance between your attacks and defense. The knife has always been a part of martial art and the true sense of this art is to teach you ‘How to handle your temper and behavior in the battlefield’. Blade fighting requires a perfect combination of aggression and defensive tactics. 

5- Don’t use it to threaten innocents

Art can never be misused in any manner. Whether you use your knife to threaten people or in any other offense, it would be counted as an offense against the martial art regulations. A knife is not a fashion accessory, therefore, it shouldn’t be displayed until you have another choice to defend your loved ones. Don’t forget that knife fighting is more than just a game, it’s a self-defense technique that should be used appropriately.

These are the things that one should always keep in mind while learning blade fighting martial art. We offer a range of martial art training courses. Whether you want to polish your skills or improve it, you can enroll for our knife fight martial art training program.

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