5 Most Considerable Reasons to Enroll in Martial Art Weapon Training

Weapon Training

Purchasing expensive martial art weapons doesn’t make you master in this art. Whether you go after Escrima or pick a medieval, proper weapon training can only teach you to handle a weapon in different situations. Meanwhile, up to 100 types of martial art weapons are available in the market, whereas people still prefer traditional weapons to defend themselves. If you are still confused about whether or not to enroll in martial art weapon training, then below are the 5 most essential reasons to blow your mind. 

Most Essential Reasons

We have brought a wide range of weapon training services to cover all your needs. If you are a beginner then welcome to our basic learning program and learn about the most essential tactics of martial art weapons. Professional and intermediates can also join this program to polish their skills and improve their knowledge in some advanced self-defense, martial art weapons. Go through the following list to see the benefits of weapon training.

1- Improves Your Multitasking Ability and Enhances Coordination

Weapon learning has several benefits, but it makes you eligible for multitasking and that’s enough. While weapon training, two and more bodyparts work together which enhances coordination. Your mind controls your eyes, hands, head and indicates to your nerves about any threat. Weapon training not only improves your fighting technique but also puts various health benefits including sharp sight and multitasking mind. 

2- A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

Whether you are learning with Kubudos or holding a golf stick, it’s more than just a piece of wood. Our weapon training program teaches you to make use of any stick as a weapon. If you learn a martial art using a stick then you are prone to fight with any cylindrical object. Be it a pipe, Iron rod, baseball bat, gold stick or anything that fits perfectly in your fist. One should not forget that the samurai used to defend themselves against goons, using a single stick or sword. Luckily, you have more advanced weapons available. The weapon training program teaches you to make the use of every object to fight against your opponent. Therefore, you should enroll in the weapon training program.

3- Historic Preservation

As spoken earlier, martial art is an ancient fighting technique that was preserved by our ancestors, therefore, we are able to learn it today. Now, it is our moral duty to carry it forward to the next generation. Did you know that traditional martial art weapon designs are inspired by ancient farming equipment? We should preserve this art, not only because of its historic influence but also because we have to carry it forward to children. These things will earn more value in the future than in their belongings period and this is why people love collecting antique things. Instead of a sport or any fighting technique, martial art is a culture that needs to be preserved.

4- Your hand is an Alternative Weapon

Yes, your hand can also be used as a weapon against your opponent on the battlefield. Though this line has picked up from ‘Karate Kid’ but it fits better here. Ninjas never carried anything else except their steel sword and sometimes used to walk without any weapon. Actually, they were confident about their strength to fight against anybody alone. If you go deep in the history of martial art and look carefully then you will find, people used their hands as a weapon. Our weapon training program is to teach you “How to use your hand for defending yourself.” You will see that most of the traditional martial art styles like Kali and FMA prefer the use of hands while fighting. This is to build confidence before real face-off.

5- How to defend from weapons?

Besides training you to use various types of martial art weapons, this program also teaches you to defend yourself from weapon attacks. Whether or not you think weapon learning is important, you should enroll in this weapon training course. Once you learn the movement of weapons, defending from these weapons wouldn’t bother you. It would give you better insights into how to protect your beloved from martial art weapons.

We are sure that your mind would see another side after reading the benefits of enrolling in the weapon training course. If you are blocked somewhere then let us know in the comment section.

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